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As a person looking for a job, we knjow you have lots of choices.  Here are some great easons to consider working with Numbers & Words and letting us help you get placed in a fulfilling position.
Work Experience
By having opportunities to work in diffrent settings, with different responsibilities, you can gain valuable work experience in a short period of time.
Every assignment is different . . . requiring a variety of skills and abilities.  New procedures and different people add to the callenge and excitement this opportunity offers.
Qualified workers are in constant demand.  You can work as much as you want and at a pay level that is very competitive in the industry.  You choose when and where you want to work.  You are in complete control.
Opportunity for Direct-Hire Employment
Temporary work assignments provide a bridge to direct-hire employment.  You can try out a prospective employer and demonstrate your skills for a full-time job.
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